How to - Remove Win32/Floxif and Variants

How To | Removing Win32/FloxIf

& Variants

*  Written And Researched By James Knox  *

How To Remove

Trojan malware and other variants. Contain properties that allow an attacker to take control certain information on one's personal device. This can include but is not exclusive to your camera microphone screen sharing on your desktop. Passwords. And much more sensitive information.

With an extensive rise in attacks on ones personal information and even finances, there has been a rise of ransomware.

But today let's focus on the removal of Win32/Floxif Trojan virus.  

Difficulty Medium ****

Things you'll need.

  1. 16gb flash-drive
  2. A little tech knowledge 
  3. And a few downloads.
  • Use YUMI to configure a boot disk on your flash-drive. 

  • Power off you computer. 

  • Plug in flashdrive with HBCD WinPE and boot it up. 

  • Select your flash drive and boot. 

  • Once it boosts make sure you connect to the internet. 

  • Open desktop utility folder

  • Navigate to security/antivirus

  • Open Eset online.

  • Let it download update.

  • Check enable potentially unwanted programs

  • And automatically clean threats.

  • This can depending upon how many files you have can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 6 hours or more to scan.

Just sit back grab a cup of coffee.

Once The Process is done, 
Please Make sure it has Taken Action On all infected files,
Power Off PC and remove Flash drive. 

Start Back up you PC FloxIf Free

Buy eset to protect your PC 
Protect Your PC. Read Review And  Buy Here: 
---> PCMag <---

According to Microsoft.


Aliases: Trojan.PRForm.A (other) BackDoor-FDQI!5AF11CBE6400 (McAfee) Trojan ( 005174a31 ) (other) TROJ_GEN.R038C0DIK17 (Trend Micro) Trojan.Sibakdi (Symantec) Win32/CCleaner.A (ESET) Win.Trojan.Floxif-6336251-0 (Clam AV) Trojan.PRForm.A (BitDefender) Trojan.PRForm.A (Ad-Aware) Trojan.PRForm.A (F-secure) Backdoor.CCHack (A) (other) Trojan.CCleaner.2 (Dr.Web) Artemis!Trojan (McAfee) Troj/Mogoa-A (Sophos) TR/RedCap.yogmm (Avira) W32/CCleaner.A!tr (Fortinet) Backdoor.Win32.InfeCleaner.a (other) Trojan/Win32.Floxif.C2150288 (AhnLab) Trojan.CChack.A (other) Backdoor.CCleaner!1.A3B5 (CLOUD) (Rising AV) Win32.Backdoor.Forpivast.B (other) Win32:TlsHack-A [Trj] (AVG) Win32:TlsHack-A [Trj] (other)

What is a Computer Virus??

Written And Researched By James Knox ---
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