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    Trump's comments come a few days after Raffensperger penned an op - ed criticizing President Trump's campaign's for questioning Georgia's election results titled "My family voted for Trump. [0]


    The president also resumed attacks on the way Georgia ran its presidential election - saying it was a "fraudulent system" and criticizing Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. [0]


    I agree that criticism is necessary when a president makes mistakes, but where are the voices expressing appreciation for the good things Trump has done? [7]


    WASHINGTON - Seven weeks ahead of the U.S. national elections, President Donald Trump is contending he has done an "incredible job" dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and minimizing the country's death toll. [2]


    No doubt more beneficial actions could be added to this list, but these should be enough to justify another four good years with Donald Trump as president. [7]



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    With the addition of Trump nominee Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, the Court ruled 5 - 4 in favor of the Trump administration. [3]


    Trump has appointed two Supreme Court justices, 53 federal appellate judges, and 146 District Court judges ( as well as two judges for the Court of International Trade ) who have been confirmed by the Senate so far. [7]


    In 2018, President Trump broke the record for the most circuit court of appeals judges ( 29 ) confirmed in the first 2 years of a presidency. [4]


    The Trump Justice Department urged the Supreme Court to overturn 40 years of precedent and thousands of fair - share arrangements. [3]


    Present Trump's order was upheld by the Supreme Court which lifted the block on the order by a 5 - 4 vote. [7]



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    Doubling or tripling of U.S. energy costs ( as under the Paris climate accord, according to the Heritage Foundation ) would have harmed the poor most of all as they spend the highest portion of their budgets on energy. [7]


    Energy production and energy independence : President Trump gave approval to the Keystone pipeline, the Dakota access pipeline, and oil production from the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, a vast uninhabited region which could produce up to 20 percent of our petroleum needs. [7]


    The result has been lower energy prices ( which benefits everyone ) and also U.S. energy independence so that we are now becoming the leading exporter rather than a net importer of energy. [7]


    In order to build a new section of highway, a new subway line, or a new gas pipeline, the necessary environmental impact statements have recently taken an average of 4.5 years, and many ran for six years or longer. [7]



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    In April 2020, President Trump issued an executive order that claimed to require the nation's meat production plants to remain open. [3]


    Deborah Berkowitz, "President Trump's Meatpacking Plant Executive Order Puts Thousands of Workers 'Lives at Risk" ( statement ), National Employment Law Project, April 28, 2020. [3]


    In October 2019, President Trump repealed Executive Order 13495, which had provided job security to workers on federally funded contracts for services. [3]


    The White House, "Executive Order on Delegating Authority Under the DPA with Respect to Food Supply Chain Resources During the National Emergency Caused by the Outbreak of COVID-19," April 28, 2020. [3]


    This analysis reveals that President Trump's time in office has been marked by a clear commitment to advancing a pro - corporate, anti - worker agenda. [3]



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    President Trump is protecting America and our allies by rebuilding our military and ensuring our veterans receive the care they deserve. [4]


    Building a stronger U.S. military : Reversing the massive budget cuts that had seriously weakened our military under the Obama administration, President Trump has increased military spending by nearly $ 150 billion per year from $ 605 billion in 2016 to $ 750 billion, steadily rebuilding U.S. military readiness. [7]


    Whereas President Obama sent only humanitarian aid, President Trump authorized the selling of actual military equipment to Ukraine, including Javelin missiles which were necessary to defend against Russian aggression. [7]


    Under President Trump's leadership, U.S. military forces located and killed ISIS founder and terrorist leader Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi on Oct. 26 - 27, 2019. [7]



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    As a result of the historic tax cuts, nearly 9,000 Opportunity Zones were created in all 50 states, DC, and 5 territories. [4]


    As a result of the historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, nearly 9,000 Opportunity Zones were created in all 50 states, DC, and 5 territories. [4]


    At the same time, the Trump administration reinstated a narrow definition of investment advice covered under a fiduciary standard that excludes most of the harmful "advice" offered to small savers. [3]


    Historic tax cuts and deregulation : After eight years of high unemployment and meager growth under President Obama's administration, the Trump tax cuts of 2017 and Trump's extensive canceling of excessive government regulations on businesses have given a tremendous boost to the American economy. [7]



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    Protections against false accusation on college campuses : President Trump's administration has restored many due process guidelines that universities must follow in processing title IX accusations of sexual assault on university campuses. [7]


    Protecting freedom of speech on college campuses : President Trump issued an executive order giving more specific protections to freedom of speech on college campuses by threatening the loss of federal research dollars if they do not allow for free speech for all students and faculty members. [7]


    During the President's first year in office, the black American poverty rate fell to 21.2 % down from 22 % the year before. [4]


    President Trump has made Historically Black Colleges and Universities a priority, including appropriating more money to HBCUs in one year than any other president and establishing a Presidential Board of Advisors on HBCUs. [4]



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    An effective border wall is absolutely necessary to keep our nation secure and to gain some control over an immigration crisis that has spiraled out of control. [7]


    Actually building a border wall : President Trump has relentlessly battled against Democratic stonewalling and liberal federal judges to build an effective, secure border wall along more than 200 miles of our southern border, and it could possibly reach as much as 450 miles by the end of 2020. [7]


    President Trump has called on Congress to close dangerous loopholes such as "Catch and Release," end chain migration, and end the visa lottery program which enables illegal immigration. [4]


    In June 2020, President Trump issued a presidential proclamation that suspends the issuance of permanent immigrant visas -- also known as "green cards"--to migrants who are applying for them from abroad. [3]



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    President Trump negotiated the United States - Mexico - Canada Agreement ( USMCA ), getting a better deal for American farmers and ranchers. [4]


    The Farm Bill provides support and stability to our farmers, expands crop insurance, doubles how much farmers can borrow and helps open new markets for our farmers. [4]


    Negotiating new trade agreements that are more favorable to the United States : President Trump has negotiated new trade agreements with Mexico, Canada, and China, and all of them give more favorable treatment to the United States than the previous treaties did. [7]


    President Trump is standing up for America's farmers by negotiating fairer, freer, and more reciprocal trade deals that remove barriers and open markets for American farmers. [4]


    We appreciate the commitment of the agencies involved and this administration to crafting a new regulation that achieves important regulatory oversight while allowing farmers to farm. [7]



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    David Zatezalo, the head of DOL's Mine Safety and Health Administration ( MSHA ), previously served as the chief executive to Rhino Resources, a coal company that had numerous clashes with MSHA officials during the Obama administration, including numerous health and safety violations. [3]


    The executive order did not actually prevent public health departments from closing plants, nor did it designate the industry as an essential industry, but it has been used by the Trump administration to intimidate local agencies from closing plants with multiple deaths and huge outbreaks. [3]


    In April 2019, the Trump Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service finalized a rule that would allow an unlimited increase in hog slaughter line speeds -- putting public health, worker safety, and animal welfare at risk. [3]



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    I 'm not going to cut it at all; I 'm going to bring money in, and we're going to save it. [6]


    So I said to myself, you know, nobody's ever going to know unless I run, because I 'm really proud of my success. [6]


    But, I said, "This is going to be an election that's based on competence, because people are tired of these nice people. [6]


    I am officially running ... for president of the United States, and we are going to make our country great again. [6]


    Because the General Services, who are terrific people, by the way, and talented people, they wanted to do a great job. [6]


    And by the way, I 'm not even saying that's the kind of mindset, that's the kind of thinking you need for this country. [6]



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    I started off in a small office with my father in Brooklyn and Queens, and my father said -- and I love my father. [6]


    I will find -- within our military, I will find the General Patton or I will find General MacArthur, I will find the right guy. [6]


    And after four or five years in Brooklyn, I ventured into Manhattan and did a lot of great deals-- the Grand Hyatt Hotel. [6]


    You know, we're building on Pennsylvania Avenue, the Old Post Office, we're converting it into one of the world's great hotels. [6]



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    When a Republican is in charge, Republicans think things are going great and Democrats think they're falling apart, and vice versa. [5]


    If it's undeniable that something's going poorly when your party is in power, then you'll tend to think it's the other party's fault. [5]


    Perpetual war on reality, without which he could not exist, therefore became the modus operandi of the Republican Party, the executive branch of the United States government, and conservative media. [5]


    But nobody really loves their own party, so party identity largely comes down to white - hot, passionate loathing of the other guys. [5]


    In 2010, half of Republicans and a third of Democrats said they 'd be irked if their kids tied the knot across party lines. [5]



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    The National Labor Relations Board and the Obama Justice Department had determined that this practice violated workers 'rights under the National Labor Relations Act, but the Trump Justice Department sided with employers, as did the U.S. Supreme Court, in an opinion authored by Trump appointee Neil Gorsuch. [3]


    The Trump NLRB suspended all union elections, including mail ballot elections, between March 19 and March 31, 2020, and then allowed mail ballot elections only if the employer agreed to that arrangement. [3]


    U.S. Employers Are Charged with Violating Federal Law in 41.5 % of All Union Election Campaigns, Economic Policy Institute, December 2019. [3]


    The Trump Justice Department argued to the U.S. Supreme Court that it is unconstitutional for employers and unions in the public sector to negotiate and agree to "fair - share" arrangements. [3]



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    Reducing prescription drug prices : on July 24, 2020, President Trump signed four executive orders aimed at reducing prescription drug prices. [7]


    Allowing more importation of prescription drugs from Canada and other countries where prices are lower, and reducing prices for Medicare Part B drugs if they are available for lower prices in other economically advanced countries. [7]


    But that doesn't mean his administration has had no impact on health issues -- including the operation of the Affordable Care Act, prescription drug prices and women's access to reproductive health services. [1]


    Offshoring of U.S. pharmaceutical production, especially in the wake of the TCJA, has weakened U.S. supply chains during the coronavirus pandemic, as essential medical supplies, including generic asthma medications, have been in short supply. [3]



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    In December 2017, the Trump DOL proposed a rule that would allow employers to pocket the tips of their employees as long as workers are paid the minimum wage. [3]


    The Trump DOL repealed rules requiring employers to disclose information about the companies they hire and how much they pay them to fight worker organizing campaigns. [3]


    The Trump DOL issued a temporary rule exempting certain employers from the FFCRA paid leave requirement, including health care providers and companies with fewer than 50 employees. [3]


    The Trump DOL proposed and finalized a rule updating the joint - employer standard under the Fair Labor Standards Act ( FLSA ). [3]


    Allow employers to keep employees and their supporters off the employer's property to discuss and publicize their views on workplace issues. [3]



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    During the first three years of the Trump administration, OSHA workplace inspection activity has fallen relative to the previous two administrations. [3]


    In April 2018, the Mine Safety and Health Administration finalized a rule that weakens metal / nonmetal mine safety inspection requirements. [3]


    Despite the widespread reach of COVID-19 in the workplace, the Trump administration's Occupational Safety and Health Administration ( OSHA ) has refused to issue any required measures -- via an emergency temporary infectious disease standard -- to protect workers from the virus. [3]


    In its latest release of workplace deaths, the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( BLS ) reported that Black and Latinx workers suffered higher workplace fatality rates than other workers. [3]


    Instead of instituting policies to protect the nation's essential workers, the administration has remained largely silent on workplace safety standards, refusing to issue mandatory emergency standards to protect workers against the new threat of the coronavirus. [3]



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    The TCJA is mostly a large tax cut for corporations ( and, by extension, the wealthy households that own these corporations 'stock ). [3]


    The TCJA's proponents made ambitious claims about how cutting taxes for corporations would eventually trickle down into much higher wages for typical workers. [3]


    The Tax Cut and Jobs Acts ( TCJA ) has encouraged offshoring of both paper profits and real production of U.S. multinational companies. [3]


    Needless to say, it is not typical workers and their families who benefit from the use of international tax havens to shield corporate income. [3]


    Finally, an undernoticed and particularly bad part of the TCJA provides a tax benefit for firms that "fissure" their operations by outsourcing work to subcontracted firms. [3]


    The TCJA also accelerated profit - shifting to tax havens, which now deprives the United States of roughly $ 100 billion in revenue each year. [3]



#Economic #Policy #Institute #comments #Working 


    Why Eugene Scalia Is the Wrong Person for the Job, "Working Economics Blog ( Economic Policy Institute ), August 1, 2019. [3]


    By Rescinding the Persuader Rule, Trump Is Once Again Siding with Corporate Interests Over Working People, "Working Economics Blog ( Economic Policy Institute ), June 13, 2017. [3]


    Daniel Costa, "Ending DACA Lowers Wages and Tax Revenue, and Degrades Labor Standards," Working Economics Blog ( Economic Policy Institute ), September 5, 2017. [3]


    In Virtually Unprecedented Move, Trump Solicitor General Switches Sides in Murphy Oil Case, "Working Economics Blog ( Economic Policy Institute ), April 15, 2020. [3]


    Heidi Shierholz, "A Perfect Pairing : New Tip Provisions and a Strong Minimum Wage," Working Economics Blog ( Economic Policy Institute ), March 27, 2018. [3]





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