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    A life insurance company can help you make some of the most important financial decisions you will ever make about your life and financial future. [Sources: 8] 
When talking to an independent life insurance company, you do not have to deal with it alone, but since independent representatives are not tied to a particular company, you can eliminate the need to have years of expertise and work on behalf of a life insurance company to sell policies. While brokers are not obliged to a single institution, agents are responsible for working with a wide range of companies, from insurance companies to investment funds and other financial institutions. Not all agents work for a particular company; some agents require permission from the company they are licensed to work for and are sold as agents through that company. [Sources: 0, 8, 9, 13] 
As mentioned earlier, insurance agents work in captivity for the company they are employed by, but they may also be able to buy health risks for other companies, although this is not an option that other companies will have. Insurance agents and brokers are appointed as producers who have active status with a company through which they submit life insurance applications to that company. [Sources: 2, 8] 
Going back to the first point about life insurance rates and their benefits, there is a good chance that a captive agent will not even offer a discount to a life insurance company, let alone any of the other benefits that exist. Even with the rebates, these rebates are unlikely to be good enough to exceed the rates offered by independent life insurance, but they will be high, at least for the most part, compared to other comparable life insurance policies. [Sources: 4, 8] 
Would it not be nice to be able to take out life insurance through a licensed agent who is aware of any illness that might cause difficulties for a particular life insurance company? Whether you are in excellent health, in serious health or need to adjust your life insurance product, it does not matter whether you have access to an independent insurance agent or a prisoner representative. At Abrams Insurance Solutions, we are your point of contact and provide you with everything you need to help you make an informed decision about your life insurance policy. We have spoken to over 70 life insurers and Abrams Insurance Solutions has been our contact person for over 30 years, and can be found here at Abram Insurance Solutions. [Sources: 0, 4] 
However, there is an important way in which insurance agents can be classified in the insurance industry. Unlike insurance agents in captivity, independent insurance agents are not required to work for a single company, but can sell policies to multiple insurance companies. While brokers sell car insurance most often, licensed independent brokers also sell all types of insurance, including tenants, homeowners and life insurance. [Sources: 3, 7] 
As the term implies, a life insurance agent in captivity is someone who works for a life insurance organization only. Captive insurance agents, also known as exclusive insurance agents, are required to work for a single insurance company and sell only their policies. However, independent insurance agencies can operate in different ways and represent several insurance carriers at the same time. [Sources: 1, 3, 5] 
An independent agent is a professional who does not work for a single life insurance company; the agent works on behalf of a life insurance company to help potential customers purchase life insurance. The main task of life insurance institutions is to sell life insurance or pension insurance to the customer and to work with beneficiaries to process insurance claims in a timely manner. The main task of a life and insurance agent is to support the entire process of purchasing life insurance so that it runs as smoothly as possible for customers. [Sources: 1, 6, 8, 13] 
Your life insurance needs will change over the years, and so a good relationship with an agent and knowledge of the right people and the best ways to ask for life will help ensure that you are always adequately insured. When this happens, your life and insurance representative must understand what you need in terms of the type of cover available to you and the cost of your insurance. An independent life insurance broker can build any number of relationships with different insurance companies if required. [Sources: 2, 8, 10] 
Although there are many offers and every benefit deserves attention and consideration, an appointment with an independent life insurance company is the best way to clarify matters for you, and you have the experience and expertise you need to find a good policy. Working with me can help you assess your options and find the policy that best suits your needs. [Sources: 1, 14] 
Columbus Life Insurance Company offers life and pension insurance, and Ameritas offers a wide range of life and pension insurance policies for individuals, families, businesses and businesses. [Sources: 12] 
Life insurance agents and brokers are representatives of life insurance companies that help consumers buy life insurance. When it comes to a life and insurance agency, McLellan says he's looking for a charter - certified, certified charter. [Sources: 10, 11] 


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