Six reasons why Life Insurance is being actually bought | And Why You Should Consider It

Protect yourselves and those who love you.

Six reasons why Life Insurance is being actually bought | And Why You Should Consider It

You purchase life insurance because it is your best safeguard. This is a...kind of financial decision. It's a kind of emotional option. It's a question of love and love and the future.

Yet for reasons that are often difficult to express, millions of people annually purchase life insurance. The explanations are basic and straightforward at the same time. This is the life insurance thing. The idea may be clear, but the reasons for that are almost instinctual, at our very heart.

At the heart of it, if you're like most people, for six very good reasons, you're buying life insurance.

  • Life insurance is about care for those you love.

It's the tasks and the promises that are fulfilled. You see your choice to buy life insurance from the perspective of your family, not your own. You see life insurance as a safeguard for your spouse and children against the potentially devastating losses that can result from premature death.

  • Life insurance is for those who are alive.

This isn't about you. You recognize that the life insurance you have received is in order to cover and provide financial relief for those who would go on without you should anything happen to you. They're about it.

  • Life insurance is an act of friendship and affection.

Since you care for your family, if you are unexpectedly not able to provide it you want to ensure the financial wellbeing of family members.

The proceeds will help you keep the promises that you have made to the people who are important to you if you die.

You're helping your loved ones to retain their lifestyle by securing their financial future if anything unforeseen should happen to you.

  • Time and options are purchased by life insurance.

Too often, survivors are forced to make tough, dramatic decisions when an income earner dies, and to do so rapidly. At a time when they might not be in an emotional state to make wise choices, they have to make decisions. Instead of having to relocate to a downsized home or find a new career immediately, life insurance gives survivors an opportunity to adapt over time.

By offering the incentives to help pay off mortgages, to help meet housing costs and continuing living expenses, to help finance higher education for your children or grandchildren, and much, much more, your life insurance offers your family options.

  • When it's needed most, life insurance provides cash.

At the exact time of need, your life insurance policy can deliver a specified sum of money. Your family can be assured after your death that the amount you have selected, perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars, perhaps even millions, will be there almost immediately. And federal income taxes are not generally subject to that death benefit. For instance, $500,000 in death benefit proceeds are provided by a $500,000 policy.

Please contact your New York Life agent if you are not completely certain that your coverage is in line with the needs of your family. You will work together when you meet to determine how much coverage you need, review what products and policies are right for you and review comparisons of costs.

To customize a plan that works best for you, connect with a financial professional.

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