9 out of 10 Democrats claim that the democratic process was successful, nine out of 10 Republicans disagree: survey says

9 out of 10 Democrats claim that the democratic process was successful, nine out of 10 Republicans disagree survey says.

A poll published Monday showed that the political process performed better during the election than the Democrats claimed, although almost none of the Republicans disagreed.

A Gallup poll for the Knight Foundation showed a majority of Democrats claimed that in the elections this year the electoral process performed well.

In conclusion, Knight Foundation argued that the substantial disparity between Democrats and Republicans in the process seems to be correlated with people's satisfaction with the result proclaimed triumphantly by "President-elect" Joe Biden.

Of all those polled, a majority said that the election system worked very well and a percentage said that they agreed Biden was the predicted winner in the news stories. But the results and forecasts were unreliable by percent.

The presumed specificity of the news stories forecasting Biden's performance often seemed to be fragmented among party lines with the percentage of Democrats, independents, and Republicans correctly describing them.

Less than partisan standard, the Knight Foundation noted, however, seemed to play a role. A total of one hundred agree that the media predictions are right in accordance with the number of graduates from other universities.

Of those who were Democrat, a percent had a college education, and those without a degree trusted in the press. The reports were correct among the Republican polls, percent with a university degree, and percent with no university degree.

If those attitudes had not changed, it would be essential to our society if a substantial segment of the population did not recognize the outcome as valid, wrote the Knight Foundation.

The independents agree in news reports that Biden dominated the elections, according to the percent of college graduates and percent of those who are not graduated.

Two surveys, one before and one after the elections, were organized by Gallup and the Knight Foundation. The poll took place between November, and after news outlets, Biden's victory was predicted in November. The error margin for this survey was more or less points percentage.


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