Democratic Louisiana governor says after maskless picture emerges, he did 'nothing' wrong

Gov. John Bel Edwards of Democratic Louisiana defended himself against ridicule after a photograph of him emerged maskless at a public call at a restaurant earlier in November in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

"There was absolutely nothing I did that day that violated the principles that were in situ," said the governor when asked about the photo at the press conference on Wednesday.

“Had that photo been taken ten seconds later, you'd have seen me with a mask on the governor said. “I don’t think we ask anyone to erode a table with a mask on.”

Since the image emerged of him at the Baton Rouge Bar, the governor caught flack, talking with someone at a table of other patrons, none of whom wore a mask.

Edwards also imposed numerous meeting limitations and advised constituents to wear a mask to avoid the transmission of COVID-19.

During Edwards' Phase 3 order, the shot taken in the second week of November, forced anyone to wear a mask because it was not possible to socially separate people with a minimum of six feet of space between them.

"He's not in breach of his own orders," said Deputy Director of Marketing Shauna Sanford on Wednesday. He kept his mask that day all the time aside from when he was eating. Somebody said something to him and for a very brief moment, he replied. He didn't do anything that went against his order for Step 3.

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