How to defend your privacy when working from home

How to Protect Your Privacy When Working From Home

The field of cybersecurity pays particular attention to safeguarding privacy. Confidentiality from hackers. Privacy from states that mess with their peoples' lives. Privacy from organizations with an unparalleled quantity of knowledge that can be used to manipulate or monitor customers.

Yet privacy has taken on an extra dimension for so many people operating from home: the privacy of ordinary knowledge, daily interference by relatives or colleagues.

For example, when your peers overhear you arguing with your children, or see what you read on the bookshelves behind you, there is a lack of privacy. Or whether your partner can see what's on your screen or how you treated your midafternoon Zoom message, the lack of privacy. 
That's precisely why so many of us require a home-from-home privacy strategy: a collection of rules and a roadmap that makes it easier to adhere to certain guidelines on what needs to remain secret from whom.

Saying this may be clear, but it must be said anyway: your boss and your customers are relying on you to keep their data confidential. When you are in an office and bring work home some evenings or on weekends, it might not be a big deal. But since all your work and any interaction is open to someone passing by you or your phone, that is a much greater issue. Your partner or your one-year-old son do not feel as obligated to withhold information as you do.
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