Kelly Loeffler repeats that Trump did not fail in the 2020 elections during the Georgian Senate discussion toward Raphael Warnock

Kelly Loeffler repeats that Trump did not fail in the 2020 elections during the Georgian Senate discussion toward Raphael Warnock

Senator Kelly Loeffler consistently declined to recognize President Trump's loss of re-election in November when she addressed his Democratic rival, Reverend Raphael Warnock, on Sunday ahead of the Georgian twin runoff polls, which would decide which party dominates the Senate.

Asked directly regarding President-elect Joe Biden's win in Georgia and whether he agreed with Trump's false allegations of systemic electoral irregularities, Loeffler sidelined the matter. The President has a right to each and every legal solution, and that's what's going on, Loeffler said.

Later, the senator reported, without any supporting evidence, fraud in the November elections and reiterated Trump's right to legal action without realizing that the President's campaign had lost a round of post-election lawsuits, including in Georgia, which had already certified its results.

Her Democratic rival, Warnock, blew the senator to cast doubt on a fair election. People have talked about the presidential election, and they are waiting for their senator to reflect on them, not the guy in the White House.

But Loeffler, over and over again, tacitly acknowledged Trump's loss by casting the runoffs needed to avoid a left-wing march. "Everything is at stake in this election, the future of our country," she said, alluding to the high-profile fight to control the Senate.

Loeffler blasted liberal progressive Raphael Warnock more than a dozen times and pounded the pastor as a socialist who will guarantee anything from the govt's control of the Healthcare systems to the theft of American guns. Warnock, who is not a democrat, countered Loeffler's blast as a self-interested, uber-wealthy politician who lied not only to me but to Jesus, pointing out and, he said, distorting bits and pieces of sermons he has delivered over the years.

This mix of images shows Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler and Democratic nominee Raphael Warnock. The Senate held a televised debate on Sunday, December, in Atlanta. News of the

The battle between Loeffler and Warnock and a second runoff between Republican Sen. David Perdue with Democrat Jon Ossoff will determine which party controls the Senate at the outset of Biden s presidency. Republicans need one seat for a majority. Democrats need a sweep to make Vice President-elect Kamala Harris the tie-breaking vote.

Although Loeffler avoided questions about Trump's loss, Warnock sidelined queries as to whether he favored the Supreme Court's extension if the Democrats had the power to do so. He said he was more involved in coronavirus pandemic relief, but never specifically mentioned whether he was opposed to taking justice to the High Court.

On COVID, the two rivals expressed their trust in the vaccine and said they were taking it. But then the other economic aid package was marked by strong contrasts. Earlier this year, Warnock hammered Loeffler's disapproval of some congressional assistance. Loeffler blamed Democratic leaders for the inability of Congress to approve a new round of aid this fall and said Warnock was going to be a rubber stamp for them in Washington.

At the previous session on Sunday, Ossoff held a debate on an empty podium, trying to hammer Perdue as cowardly to miss the debate.

Ossoff implied that Perdue, the first-time Republican whose aggressive stock trading had attracted scrutiny during the COVID pandemic, had left his podium empty because he did not want to incriminate himself with his personal financial practices, which the opponent summed up as a caricature misuse of power.

It demonstrates an astounding arrogance and sense of entitlement for Georgia's senior U.S. senator to believe that he shouldn't have to debate at a time like this in our history, Ossoff said, condemning Perdue for avoiding the debate while the coronavirus pandemic rages and Congress is still on the brink of a new round of economic relief.

Perdue's campaign director replied with an e-mail statement that said that Ossoff had lost a debate against himself. The statement did not discuss any specifics of Ossoff's assaults on the senator. Another Perdue aide backed up with a statement underlining the bipartisan Senate Ethics Committee, the DOJ and the SEC ... Independently cleared Sen. Loss of any and all misconduct.

The runoffs took Georgia into the national public arena, attracting tens of millions of dollars and a surge of field workers and volunteers from around the country.

The day before Trump's rally, Vice President Mike Pence appeared in Savannah as Barack Obama organized a virtual event for Democrats. Biden, the first Democratic presidential nominee to win Georgia since then has vowed to visit before the run-off, realizing that the result will affect the legislative scope of his presidency.

The Republicans welcomed the national implications, making Ossoff and Warnock the harbingers of the socialist takeover of Washington. Neither are socialists, but the GOP needs to develop its foundation for the second round of voting in the fear of Democrats running either end of Pennsylvania Avenue. Democrats already have secured their House majority, and the Republican statement concedes Trump's loss to Biden, even though the President himself failed to admit his defeat.

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